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AIRTEK, ATK HP 16, 16.8 SEER2, 9.5 HSPF2 (Region IV), 2 Ton Heat Pump, Ultra heat Side Discharge Condenser, Up to 24KBTU, ACI-AUO24SHP-M

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The ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M Ducted Central Heat Pump redefines energy-efficient heating in the face of cold weather challenges. Developed by ATK, it harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver powerful heating capacity, even in bone-chilling outdoor temperatures as low as -30°C. Perfectly suited for the unforgiving winters of Canada, it not only ensures your comfort but also contributes to climate change mitigation.

Energy Efficiency

The ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M stands as the epitome of energy efficiency, proudly bearing the prestigious ENERGY STAR certification. Its revolutionary Inverter Technology bestows upon you the gift of remarkable annual savings, a staggering 50% in contrast to conventional 10 SEER units. This transformative capability not only exemplifies eco-consciousness but also significantly trims your energy expenditure. Whether you seek warmth in winter or cool respite in summer, this model guarantees top-tier efficiency that aligns harmoniously with environmental responsibility and budgetary prudence. By choosing the ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M, you embrace a future where comfort and sustainability coexist, where your home remains invitingly temperate while your energy bills stay pleasantly manageable.


Home Comfort

Experience unparalleled home comfort with the ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M. Its M thermal Mono type design integrates a built-in hydraulic kit, requiring only a water pipe installation on-site. This versatile unit not only provides hot water for fan coils and floor heating systems but is also compatible with solar collectors, gas furnaces, boilers, and other heat sources. Enjoy cozy warmth and convenience like never before.


Convenient Operation

Experience unparalleled ease in managing your indoor climate with the ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M. This state-of-the-art unit puts you in complete control, offering a range of remote functions that make operation a breeze. Whether you're adjusting the temperature, switching between heating and cooling modes, or staying informed with alarm notifications, it's all at your fingertips. The unit's intuitive ON/OFF feature lets you power it up or shut it down with a simple tap, ensuring energy savings when it's not needed. Switching between heating and cooling modes is equally effortless, providing year-round comfort. Additionally, the alarm terminals on the PCB keep you updated on system status, giving you peace of mind. Customizing your comfort has never been this seamless. The ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M is designed to make your life easier, allowing you to create the perfect indoor environment with just a touch. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual adjustments and hello to a smarter, more convenient way of maintaining your ideal comfort level.


Reliable Function

Embrace the most challenging frigid conditions with unwavering confidence. The ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M, equipped with advanced Inverter Heat Pump technology, stands as your stalwart companion, guaranteeing unwavering and efficient warmth, even in the most punishing cold. This remarkable system operates seamlessly in temperatures as bone-chilling as -22°F/-30°C, ensuring your home remains a haven of comfort during the harshest of winters. When the icy winds howl and the mercury drops to its lowest ebb, the ATK ACI-AUO24SHP-M rises to the occasion, delivering dependable and consistent heating performance. You can trust it to keep you snug and content precisely when you need it the most. No matter how severe the cold weather becomes, our heat pump ensures you can always count on a warm and inviting indoor environment.


Warranty Coverage

ATK proudly backs all of their models with a robust manufacturer's warranty. This comprehensive warranty spans an impressive 10 years, pending warranty registration, safeguarding your investment. Rest assured that any warranty claims you may have will be efficiently handled by Airtek, ensuring top-tier customer support and satisfaction. The 10-year warranty covers the compressor and all parts, allowing you to trust in the long-term protection of your purchase and ensuring you receive the utmost quality.

Technical Specifications

Power supply  
Normal Operational Voltage 208/230V,1Ph,60Hz (V, Ph, Hz)
Voltage Range 187-253 (V)
Minimum circuit ampacity 20.5 (A)
Max.fuse 35 (A)
Connection wiring 18AWG
Rated Capacity 24000 (Btu/h)
Capacity Range 10000~28400 (Btu/h)
Power Input (Max) 2247(380~2600) (W)
Rated current 9.43(2.33~10.68) (A)
SEER2 16.8 (Btu/W)
EER2 10.7 (Btu/W)
Heating at 47F  
Rated Capacity 25000 (Btu/h)
Capacity Range 9600~33400 (Btu/h)
Power Input (Max) 2233(510~3160) (W)
Rated current 9.30(3.01~12.92) (A)
HSPF2-4 9.5 (Btu/W)
HSPF2-5 7.7 (Btu/W)
COP 3.28 W/W
Heating at 5F  
Capacity 20000 (Btu/h)
COP 1.95 W/W
Design pressure 550/340 (PSIG)
Refrigerant Type R410A/102.32 (Oz)
Refrigerant precharge 25 (ft)
  7.6 (m)
Additional charge for each ft 0.69 (oz/ft)
  65 (g/m)
Liquid side/ Gas side 3/8" / 3/4" (inch)
  Φ9.52 / Φ19 (mm)
Max. pipe length 164 (ft)
  50 (m)
Max. difference in level 82 (ft)
  25 (m)
Connection method Braze Indoor
  Flared to braze Outdoor
Throttle TXV for Cooling
Indoor fan motor  
Input (W) VAC
Winding Resistance (Ω)
Capacitor (uF)
Speed(Hi/Mi/Lo) (r/min)
Air flow & Noise level  
Indoor air flow (Hi/Med/Lo) (CFM)
Indoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo) [dB(A)]
Dehumidification (Pint/H)
Indoor unit  
Dimension (WxDxH) 17.52x20.98x17.99 (inch) 445x533x457 (mm)
Packing(WxDxH) 19.88x25.59x19.29 (inch) 505x650x490 (mm)
Net/Gross weight 42.77/52.03 (lbs.) 19.4/23.6 (kg)
Type KTM240D57UMT
Model Twin-ROTARY
Brand GMCC
Capacity 26408.9 (Btu/h)
Input 2085 (W) VAC
Rated current (RLA) (A)
Refrigerant oil/oil charge ESTER OIL VG74 670 (ml)
Throttle EEV for heating
Outdoor fan motor  
Model ZKFN-120-8-2
Qty 1
Input (W) VAC
RLA 1.35 (A)
Speed 950/700/500/400 (r/min)
Air flow & Noise level  
Outdoor air flow (Max.) 3000 (CFM)
Outdoor noise level 63.5 [dB(A)]
Outdoor unit  
Dimension (W×D×H) 37.24x16.14x31.89 (inch) 946x410x810 (mm)
Packing (W×D×H) 42.91x19.69x34.84 (inch) 1090x500x885 (mm)
Net/Gross weight 136.69/145.50 (lbs.) 62/66 (kg)

Documentations and Certifications

ATK HP 16 24K Brochure

ATK HP 16 24K ODU AUO24SHP-M Installation Manual

ATK HP 16 24K ODU AUO24SHP-M Tech Manual