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M134A SERIES UP TO 13.4 SEER2, 2.5 TON

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M134A SERIES: UP TO 13.4 SEER2, 1.5-5 TON

The Air Conditioners, an energy-efficient cooling solution designed for comfort and reliability. Developed by Midea, this series features an advanced cooling system capable of delivering consistent and effective performance even in the most demanding conditions. Ideal for ensuring a comfortable indoor environment during the hot seasons.

Energy Efficiency

  • With up to 13.4 SEER2 efficiency, the M134A Series Air Conditioners are designed to provide significant energy savings without sacrificing comfort.
  • Utilizes R410A chlorine-free refrigerant, ensuring an eco-friendly operation by minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing energy efficiency.


Home Comfort

  • Features a unique sound control top design and compact structure for easy installation and transportation, ensuring quiet operation and enhancing the overall comfort of your home.
  • The high-quality condenser with inner-groove copper tube and aluminum fin design ensures efficient heat transfer and excellent cooling performance across a wide range of outdoor temperatures.


Convenient Operation

  • Equipped with service valves with sweat connections and easy-access gauge ports, making installation, maintenance, and service hassle-free.
  • Factory-installed high pressure switch enhances safety and reliability, ensuring peace of mind and consistent performance.


Reliable Function

  • Internally protected against high temperature motor overload conditions, ensuring durability and long-term operation.
  • AHRI certified and ETL listed, confirming the high quality and safety standards of the M134A Series.


Warranty Coverage

All models of the M134A Series are backed by a comprehensive warranty, ensuring your investment is protected and you receive unmatched quality and support.

Technical Specifications

Item Parameter
Cooling Capacity 18,000 to 60,000 Btu/h
Voltage / Phase 208/230V / 1Ph
Min. / Max. Voltage 187/253V
MCA Varies by model
MOP Varies by model
Compressor Type Rotary / Scroll (Varies by model)
Refrigerant Type R410A
Operation Range Cooling 55 - 115°F
Sound Power (dB) 69 - 81 dB (Varies by model)
SEER Up to 13.4


Documentation and Certifications

Midea M134A SERIES UP TO 13.4 SEER2, 1.5-5 TON Brochure

Midea M134A SERIES UP TO 13.4 SEER2, 1.5-5 TON Installation Manual

Midea M134A SERIES UP TO 13.4 SEER2, 1.5-5 TON Product Specification

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